Ways to Keep Pests Away From Your Commercial Premises


When thinking of all the different problems and challenges you could face when running your business, you may not foresee pest problems. Yet, a pest infestation can damage your inventory, harm your employees' health and even cause your business to shut down until the issue gets resolved. The best way to stop pests from hurting your business is to adopt a proactive approach to pest management. As the name implies, proactive pest management requires taking precautionary steps to stop pests from entering your home in the first place.

26 October 2022

Which Pest Control Measures Help to Combat Rats?


Rats constitute a pest control problem that affects both rural and urban areas of Australia. In fact, rats and mice often cause the most damage when their numbers grow rapidly because they have found a large food supply close to them, sometimes in the form of grain silos. However, they also tend to be a problem in city centres when they gain access to the food that people throw away. Either way, you will not want them on your property for long.

29 March 2022