Which Pest Control Measures Help to Combat Rats?


Rats constitute a pest control problem that affects both rural and urban areas of Australia. In fact, rats and mice often cause the most damage when their numbers grow rapidly because they have found a large food supply close to them, sometimes in the form of grain silos. However, they also tend to be a problem in city centres when they gain access to the food that people throw away. Either way, you will not want them on your property for long. As such, you should consult a pest control expert if you find them. Alternatively, you could try some anti-rat measures yourself. Which are the best ones to try? Read on to find out.

Tidy Up Outside

Rats do not like to be easily seen. That's why they will often make their way around in sewers and culverts rather than on open ground. Consequently, one of the best things you can do to discourage them from your property is to tidy up your yard or garden. Undergrowth provides just the sort of cover rats are looking for to keep them out the sight of their natural predators. If you have this growing close to your home or business premises, then consider ripping it up. If not, cut it back harshly so that the cover it provides is eliminated at least until it has the chance to grow back. Just moving things around outside tends to unsettle rats, so clearing items up and placing them in new areas is a good countermeasure.

Block Up Entry Points

Being able to deter rats from your garden is only good if there is no point in them being on your property in the first place. They will be looking for warmth and food. Consequently, you should block off any potential entry points to your home. Mesh or chicken wire are great things to deploy to allow air to flow inside but prevent rats from getting inside. Make sure your rubbish bin is placed away from your property and ensure that it has a lid that can be fixed in place so that the contents will be inaccessible to rodents.

Set Bait Traps

Poisonous bait traps are a good idea in commercial settings but some rat poisons are harmful to pets and people. As such, you might like to focus on humane traps if you have children or animals. These should be baited with something rats will value, such as high-fat foodstuffs like mince or cheese. However, you will need to deal with live rats inside if you go down this route. Take them at least a couple of miles away before releasing them somewhere responsibly away from other properties. Any closer to you and they could return which would defeat the object of this pest control measure.

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29 March 2022

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