What to Expect During a Pest Control Agent Home Inspection


Do you have a pest problem in your home? If so, you may want to consider calling a pest control agent for help. But before the agent comes to inspect your home, it's important that you understand what to expect from their visit. Below are some things you need to know about how an inspection will go.

The Agent Will Ask Questions

Before the agent begins their inspection, they'll ask you questions about the type of pests that have bothered you, where and when you've seen them, and what signs of infestation have been present. This will help them create an effective treatment plan for your pest issue. Be sure to answer all questions honestly and accurately so they can better understand the situation.

They'll Look Everywhere

The next step is the actual inspection itself. The pest control agent will take their time looking around your property — inside and out — for evidence of pests or any potential entry points that could be letting them in. They might even move furniture if necessary. So it's best to make sure that all areas are accessible before they arrive for their inspection so that nothing is left unchecked.

They Might Set Traps or Baits

Depending on the type of pests being dealt with, the agent might set traps or baits around your property during the inspection process. This will aid in eliminating any pests lurking inside or outside of your home. If traps or baits have been set, they should be checked regularly while also following safety protocols when handling them. Ensure to inquire with the agent about safety instructions regarding traps or baits before they leave after completing their inspection.

They Will Recommend Treatment Options

After inspecting your property and determining what kind of pest problem you have, the agent will explain to you what treatment options would work best for eliminating these pesky critters from taking over your home. Depending on how severe the problem is, these treatments might include anything from simple preventative measures, such as sealing off entry points, to more intensive treatments like insecticide sprays and fogging services. Be sure to ask as many questions as possible about each option so that you can make a decision about which one is right for you and your particular situation before committing to anything.


A professional pest control inspection is essential to effectively eliminate any unwanted guests from your home. For more info about pest inspections, contact a local company. 


23 March 2023

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