Spider Bites While Sleeping? Three Ways To Take Back Control Of Your Bedroom


There is a general joke about Australia that every insect in this country wants to kill you! While this is a little stretched, Australia certainly does have its fair share of things that bite, and this includes spiders. Spring is hatching time for baby spiders, so now the temperatures are warming up, it's time to do a little spring cleaning so you can keep them at bay. The bedroom is the first place to get rid of your eight-legged friends. There are three easy ways you can try to banish spiders from your bedroom.

Full Spring Clean

To get rid of any spiders who have taken over your bedroom for their home, you first need to roll up your sleeves and give your bedroom a full going-over. In particular, clean out any items you have stored under your bed as spiders love to hide among stored items. This is because spiders are very fond of dark spots that aren't disturbed often.

Make sure to also pull the bed away from the wall and vacuum away any cobwebs you see. Vacuum both sides of the mattress in case any spider eggs have been left behind to hatch on it. Clean away any dead insects from under the bed and in the corners of the room. These attract spiders because they are food.

Once you have cleaned the room from top to toe, there are two ways you can keep the spiders from returning.

Consistently Clean

During the next few months, it is important you clean your bedroom weekly. This is not to say that you need to spring clean it on a weekly basis. But do pull your bed away from the wall and give all dark areas (such as under the bed) a weekly vacuum. Spiders like to be left alone in the dark, so if they are constantly disturbed, they will get annoyed and move away.

Pest Control

Because spiders are active during spring, it is the perfect time to have pest inspections done all around the house. Despite your cleaning efforts, spiders like to hide under the floorboards and other areas, so you will need more than just cleaning to get rid of them for good. However, having your home sprayed internally with a spider repellent will help to drive them out of your bed and your home.

Spider bites are an annoyance you don't have to put up with this spring. All you need to do is start cleaning and spraying, and this will give them notice they are not welcome at your home anymore.


14 September 2016

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