Items In Your Compound That May Be Inviting Termites Into Your House


Termites are a big threat to homes all across Australia. And as you may know, termites are attracted to timber and moisture in your house as these two provide the habitat and food they need to thrive. What you may not know is that termites can also get into your house because of items that you may have on your property that meet these conditions. Find out what some of these items are and how you can deal with them.

Firewood stack

It's common for people to store firewood outside their houses due to lack of proper storage inside the houses. However, when firewood is not stored properly, it can turn into a haven for termites. And once termites invade your firewood stack, they will then start to scout the area and are likely to end up inside your house. This is often brought about when the firewood is not dried well or is stored on the ground within easy reach of the pests. To avoid their habitation, store your firewood off the ground and keep it well covered under a tarp to keep away moisture.

Dead trees/stumps

Dead trees are also likely bait for termites. When a tree starts to rot, some homeowners tend to leave it as it is because they do not foresee any threat. However, such dead trees are a lure for termites. They can occupy the inside of the tree and eat it inside out. Once done, the termites will migrate and are likely to end up in the nearest structure they can find, which might be your house. To avoid this, have all dead trees or stumps removed immediately by a tree arborist or removalist.

Old timber structures

It's common for properties, especially those outside city limits, to have a timber structure out back. The structure in question can be a car shed, a tool shed, a garden shed, a dog house, etc. Over time, such structures can get old and become neglected. Because they are made of timber, they serve as an easy lure for termites looking for food and shelter. And often, because such structures are unoccupied, the termites are never noticed. Over time, the termites then spread and get inside the house where they take shelter in the crawlspaces, attic, walls, etc.

Junk furniture

Another common lure for termites around the house is junk furniture lying around the property or in the garage. This could be wooden cupboards, cabinets, couches, chairs, etc. Because these things are hardly moved and are often exposed to the elements, it too provides a conducive environment for termites to thrive. And in most cases, such junk is stored just next to the house where the termites can easily move into your indoors. So if you're worried about termites getting into your home, then you need to make the removal of such termite-luring items on your property a part of your termite treatment plan.


18 October 2016

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