Effective Visual and Noise Tactics That Can Keep Birds Away From Your Farm


If there are animals or pests that show no mercy to food crops, it must be birds. Birds are actually friendly creatures since they feed on insects that destroy crops. But their good motives rarely last; birds can easily feed on your crops just as easily as they feed on insects. And if they are not monitored, birds can render all the effort you have invested in farming useless. So how can you keep them away from your farm? There are different ways of locking birds out of a farm, including scare tactics, which is also one of the cheapest options out there.


Using a scarecrow to scare birds away is one of the oldest techniques used in bird control. Scarecrows are made to resemble human beings, and so birds fly away as soon as they spot one in the farm. Making a scarecrow isn't that hard at all. Begin by collecting clothes that you wish to use in making the scarecrow. Then dig a hole in the ground and insert a thin but firm pole into the hole.

Fill the scarecrow's pants with old stockings or hay, or anything else you heart desires. As long as the pants are filled with something, it should be enough to deceive the birds. Tie the pants to the erected pole using a belt or a rope. Now move on to the top half of the scarecrow.

Near the top of the pole, tie a broomstick across the pole to make the arms of the scarecrow. Then dress the scarecrow with a shirt and stuff the shirt the same way you stuffed the pants. When you are done, tuck the shirt into the pants.

You are now left with the head. Stuff a pillowcase and draw a face on it. Attach the stuffed pillowcase onto the pole to make the head.


Noise tactics are equally effective in scaring birds away and newspapers are some of the tools you can use in constructing noise. But before you begin, mark the birds' favorite spots in the farm. These are the areas where the birds feed on most of the times. Find plants or trees that have strong branches in these areas and wrap the newspapers on the branches. Then shred a few inches of the papers. When wind blows, the shredded parts of the newspapers will create a noise that will keep the birds away.


3 February 2017

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