On the Watch for Wily Wasps: How to Safely Destroy a Wasps Nest under Your Decking


During winter, the cooler temperatures generally ensure that most wasp nests die off. That's why in the colder months, you'll very rarely see a wasp. However, in Australia, once September arrives bringing with it the warmer spring weather, the wasp queens that hibernated throughout the winter, go on the look-out for nesting sites.

If you suspect that there is a wasp nest underneath your decking, you should take steps to remove it before it becomes a danger to you and your family.

Paper Wasps Build Nests under Decking

The aggressive European wasp tends to build its nests underground. If there is a nest under your decking, then you more than likely have a case of the less aggressive paper wasp. Unlike the European wasp which is a foreign invader, the paper wasp is an Australian native. They prefer to build their umbrella shaped nests under roof spaces, eaves, decking, and even garden furniture.

While they are not aggressive, they will attack you if you disturb their nest. You and anyone else regularly spending time on your decking during the summer then, may be at risk of being stung. Bees, wasps, and hornets have caused 27 fatalities over the last 13 years in Australia. People are often unaware that they are allergic to wasp stings, and you never know which of your friends may be allergic.

If you discover a wasp nest under your decking, take steps to remove them—safely.

Wait Until Dusk, then Strike

Wasps do not leave their nest at night. Instead they remain with the nest, caring for the young wasps and maintaining the nest. This is when you should strike.

Purchase a fogger (make sure it works on wasps) or two. Then you'll need to get your hands on a plastic tarp large enough to cover the entire area of your decking including the sides. You may need to use several smaller tarps for this. When night falls, cover the decking with the tarps, then secure them with rocks or you can even use staples as the damage to your decking will be minimal. Leave one small section open, however, so you can toss in the foggers.

Once the tarp is secured, go to the opening, preferably on the side of the decking (you may need to remove a plank to gain access) and toss in one or two foggers. Then go to bed.

By morning, the wasps should all be dead, and you'll be freed of your wasp problem. However, you may need to redesign your decking so that wasps cannot easily gain access to the underside, otherwise you could face the same problem next summer.

An alternative and safer option would be to hire an exterminator, like Blakes Pest Management. Not only is this safer, but it guarantees an end to your wasp problem. 


21 June 2017

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