Why Homeowners Should Never Try to Manage Their Own Pest Control


It can be scary to think that your home is infested with pests, especially if it's gotten to the point where you see those pests scurrying around or can hear them behind walls and under floors. However, it's vital that you face the facts of how dangerous pest infestations can be, as pests bring germs and disease to the home and can also damage its building materials. You should also understand why addressing such an infestation is best left to a professional so you ensure that an infestation, or even just one or two pests that have made it on your property, are taken care of properly.

Long-term solution

If a pest has made its way into your home, you need to find out how and why this happened; if you only kill the rodents or insects that are present currently, this won't stop your home from becoming a target for similar pests and from getting infested all over again! A pest control expert will know how to examine the home for openings used by pests and for infestation risks such as open garbage, uncovered firewood, water leaks and the like.

Ineffective treatments

Chemicals and poisons you buy at a home improvement store may be somewhat weak as these chemicals are often somewhat watered down so that they're safe for consumers to handle. However, they may be so diluted that they won't kill larger rodents, a colony of termites and other such pests. This can result in wasted time and money, while also potentially allowing that infestation to get larger. For example, mice bait from a pest control company will work more effectively than DIY treatments.

Knowing your pests

If you haven't actually seen the bugs or rodents that are causing damage to your home or leaving their droppings around the house, you may mistake certain damage or signs of pest infestation, which means you won't address that pest infestation properly. For example, you might assume certain droppings in the kitchen indicate that the home has a mouse, but it may actually have roaches or rats. You may hear sound from behind the walls and also assume that the home has a mouse, but that may be a snake slithering around the walls!

A professional pest control expert will know how to examine the signs of an infestation to determine what pests your're dealing with and then provide a long-term treatment plan to ensure this infestation is addressed adequately and effectively now and in the future.


8 August 2017

Removing ants from the kitchen

Every year as soon as summer hits, the bugs come calling. We have a sandy soil and have a recurring issue with ants getting into every piece of food or moist area in the house. Sometimes they even chew through the packaging to get to our food! It drives me crazy. After trying every home remedy and insecticide in the shop, we decided it was time to call in the big guns and got some exterminators in. It was a really good move because we are finally rid of those pests. This blog is all about the best ways to get rid of ants.