Pests Don't Always Come Into the Home Simply for Food


No home owner wants to share their home with pesky pests. But that does not stop these unwanted creatures from wreaking havoc in several homes. Unknown to many home owners, however, most pests do not show up in the home uninvited. Certain conditions and environments within a home attracts pests and make the home more at risk of an infestation. The best way to cushion against pest attacks in the home is to know what attracts them to the home in the first place.

Though you might already know that you shouldn't leave food lying around the house, here is a look at some other conditions and environments that can make any home susceptible to pest incursions.


Leaving heaps of clutter lying around the home can invite unwanted pests into the home, even if the clutter doesn't contain food items. Insects and rodents are mainly attracted to heaps of non-food clutter because of the warmth they provide. Aside from that, these destructive creatures love to nibble on newspapers, clothes and other clutter. Home owners should always keep their living space spick and span and free of piles of clutter. This will help keep living areas neat and tidy and get rid of dreaded pests.


Pests love to stay in wet environments. Dripping water faucets and leaky water supply pipes can create a moisture-laden environment required to keep insects alive, so it is important for home owners to regularly check and maintain all of their plumbing to ensure it is free of leaks. Any leaks in the home should be repaired as quickly as possible to discourage pest infestation. If leaks outside the home are allowed to form a pool of water, home owners may be faced with mosquito infestations.

Unkempt lawns

Lawns with tall grass provide a perfect nesting area for rats, mice and many other types of rodents. These skittish, stealthy, gnawing animals can easily stay hidden in these conditions, giving them more impetus to stay longer. Home owners should be sure to regularly mow their lawns to keep the grass short, making it more difficult for pests to go unnoticed. They should also make sure to keep the lawn free of any stationary objects that may provide nesting grounds for unwelcome rodents. If anything is to be stored outside, it should remain elevated and be placed away from structures, including fences.

Feel free to contact a pest control specialist in your local area if you need any help keeping those pesky pets away from your home.


12 September 2017

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