Not Just a Kitchen Problem: Places to Look for Cockroaches


Of all the pests that might infest a home or business premises, cockroaches are probably the most notorious. Although they're small, they can be large in numbers, causing tremendous hygiene issues and causing dread in anyone who suspects their presence.

Most of the time, people think of cockroach infestations as being concentrated in kitchens and other food preparation areas. One reason for this is that, for obvious reasons, the cockroaches will have a handy supply of food. The other reason is that this is where they're perceived as doing the most damage, as they can infect your own food supply.

It's important to remember, however, that cockroaches can live in all sorts of places, and there's still a risk of illness from their droppings even if they're not near food. Here are some important places to check for signs of roaches.

Pet cages

When you think of potential food sources for cockroaches, you probably consider things you yourself see as food. Unfortunately, cockroaches are less picky than humans, and they'll eat pretty much anything they can.

That means, rather unpleasantly, that roaches see pet droppings as an appealing meal. Make sure you check the cages of hamsters, rabbits and other small furries, and look around cat litter boxes too.


Cockroaches like damp conditions, which makes your bathroom an attractive place to them. As for food, they'll eat skin flakes, some soaps, and various other typical bathroom items. Pay particular attention to nooks and crannies, anywhere roaches can scuttle away and hide.

Laundry rooms

With washing machines running and clothes drying, you get a warm, slightly damp environment that's like a luxury hotel for cockroaches. There are often a lot of places for cockroaches to hide, and the area underneath washing machines is particularly warm, so you might need to move it to check thoroughly.

Behind pipes

This is mainly a favourite hiding spot when the pipes carry warm air or water. This can create small pockets of humidity with the darkness that cockroaches like to use when they hide away in the daytime. Since pipes are so widespread throughout most homes, this gives cockroaches a convenient home just about anywhere.

Inside electronic devices

One of the more unusual places to check, and one that surprises a lot of people. Televisions and other electronics often have grilles to allow heat to escape, which also gives cockroaches a convenient way in and out. The warmth provided by these devices while they're in operation keeps bugs warm and toasty while they sleep.


25 October 2017

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