Stop Fruit Flies from Being Perpetual Uninvited Guests during the Holidays


During the numerous festivities that happen in the holiday season, fruit flies are one of the most prevalent intruders that you would have to contend with. From enticing food displays to numerous sweet drinks available, fruit flies can quickly become a menace in your home and ruin your hosting activities. Here are some tips to stopping fruit flies from becoming perpetual uninvited guests during the holidays.

Rigorous trash elimination

With all the waste produced during the holiday season, this is not the time to become lax with your garbage disposal measures. During the festive season, it is not just enough to throw kitchen waste into the trash. You will find that as wine bottles, fruit peels, leftovers and more accumulate in your trashcans, they steadily become a haven for fruit flies. Thus, the first thing that you need to do is ensure your bins are tightly shut whenever you throw trash inside them. You could even contemplate hiring skip bins during the festive seasons for the sole reason of making sure garbage does not stay festering on your property for long. Secondly, thoroughly was trash bins once you eliminate the waste from the receptacles. This cleaning will prevent any fruit flies from hanging around before you throw out the newly produced garbage.

Never leave food uncovered

After labouring in the kitchen to create a lavish spread for guests, chances are you will want to put your food on display for everyone to admire. This presentation may elicit compliments from your friends and loved ones, but they will not be the only ones enjoying your spread. Before you know it, fruit flies will be hovering over your fruits, meats, starches and more. Whenever you put out food during the holidays, make sure that is stays covered until it is consumed. Secondly, do not splurge on an excessive amount of fruits only to have them start rotting and becoming a breeding ground for fruit flies.

Do not have dirty dishes lying around

Hosting guests during the festive seasons can be quite draining. So it is not uncommon for homeowners to put off washing the dishes until a few hours later or even the next day so that they can get a chance to rest. However, fruit flies only need this short incubation period for them to multiply in your residence. If you find that cleaning up dirty dishes would be too cumbersome, opt to serve your guests on disposable crockery that you could easily throw in the trash and seal up rather than risk inviting fruit flies into your home.

Talk to a pest control professional for more tips and to get assistance with controlling the flies in your home over the holidays. 


30 November 2017

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