Essential Commercial Pest Control Tips


Whether you are in a retail environment, hospitality field, a traditional office or a food service company, pests are unwelcome guests that can prevent or shut down the company operations. Listed below are some pest control tips you can rely on.

Door sweeps

In most cases, property managers think that pests come via cracks on the foundation or walls. However, doors are easy pest entry points too. You can use door sweeps to keep pests out of the facility. This is an economical and effective way of preventing both rodents and insects from crawling through the tiny gaps under your doors.

Floor Drains

The waste that goes down the drain doesn't simply disappear. There are residual food particles that produce bad smells and can attract pests. The janitorial or maintenance team on your commercial property should ensure that the drains are inspected, regularly cleaned and serviced.

Recycle and trash bins

This is the area that pests like invading and hiding. Traces of drinks and food accumulate on the sides and bottom of these bins even if you use liners. Ensure that the recycling and trash bins on your commercial residence have lids (preferably self-closing covers) and are emptied on a regular basis.

Stagnant water

Pests such as mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Cockroaches and rats can also swim in stagnant water. Ensure that you remove stagnant water from your property. Search for plant pots, parking lot potholes and bird baths. Check hoses, sprinklers and automatic water systems to ensure that they don't overwater your yard.


Even though landscaping transforms your building, it can attract pests. Some plants, flowers and tree species attract various unwanted insects. It's recommended that you ask your landscaping company to provide advice about the use of such flowers and trees.

Mop heads

Most property owners do not think that mop heads can attract pests. Damp or dirty mop heads offer an optimal environment for pests. To prevent the infestation of pest such as flies make sure you clean and dry mop heads properly. Once cleaned, mop heads should be hanged upside down. You should also consider changing mop heads regularly to prevent pest problems.

These tips should help you control pests in your facility. In case you discover pests on the property consider calling an expert pest control service. These professionals will not only eradicate pests but also offer advice on advanced commercial pest control techniques. 


3 January 2018

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