Tips On Getting Rid of Termites On Your Property


Termites cause problems on every continent on the planet — with the exception of Antarctica — but they are more of a nuisance in Australia than in many other locations. Of course, there are numerous termite colonies that exist nowhere near to humans which never cause any problems at all. However, when they start to build their nests under foundations or within the woodwork of buildings, they can cause a great deal of destruction. In some cases, it will cost thousands of dollars to put right the structural damage that they have caused. So, you should always take swift action if you detect them on your property and consult a termite extermination professional to guide you. That said, there are some things you can do to begin the infestation removal process yourself.

Lay Down Termite-Killing Granules

Often considered to be a cost-effective option for dealing with an infestation, insecticides that come in a granule form can be spread around your property manually. You will need several kilos to deal with an average-sized house, however. Indeed, unless you are lucky enough to have immediate success, further granules will need to be applied within a few weeks. This is not a good option if you have young children or pets who may be exposed to the chemicals the granules contain, however.

Use Sprayable Termiticides

These days, termite extermination often relies on more targeted products which won't do so much harm to wildlife and domestic animals as all-purpose insecticides. Most good termiticides are supplied in a concentrated form that you dilute at home. Although you can spray this anywhere, it is best to apply it into a trench which you can then cover over. It only needs to be dug a few centimetres deep to have the desired effect of killing termites while minimising harm to other creatures.

Try Pre-Mixed Spray Cans

Some termite extermination products are pre-made and offer convenience but are usually a little less effective than you might like. Chemicals like tetramethrin tend to be used in pre-mixed spray cans. These are fast-acting, so are good if you know exactly where your termite colony might be located. However, because they work rapidly, they won't necessarily deal with all of the termites and further applications may be needed to keep up the pressure on the nest.

Deploy Bait Stations

Some people prefer to bait termites because they know exactly where the chemicals that are used in them will be situated. The cost of buying them is higher than the other alternatives, so it is sometimes a better option to turn to a professional pest control firm to set them up and remove them once the infestation has been handled. For more information, contact a termite extermination company. 


25 March 2021

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