Items In Your Compound That May Be Inviting Termites Into Your House


Termites are a big threat to homes all across Australia. And as you may know, termites are attracted to timber and moisture in your house as these two provide the habitat and food they need to thrive. What you may not know is that termites can also get into your house because of items that you may have on your property that meet these conditions. Find out what some of these items are and how you can deal with them.

18 October 2016

Spider Bites While Sleeping? Three Ways To Take Back Control Of Your Bedroom


There is a general joke about Australia that every insect in this country wants to kill you! While this is a little stretched, Australia certainly does have its fair share of things that bite, and this includes spiders. Spring is hatching time for baby spiders, so now the temperatures are warming up, it's time to do a little spring cleaning so you can keep them at bay. The bedroom is the first place to get rid of your eight-legged friends.

14 September 2016