The Most Humane Methods for Removing Rats and Mice from Your Home


To be an animal lover and to live in a place where pest control has become necessary can create an odd conflict. You certainly don't want to share your living space with these creatures, and yet the thought of some of the methods used to dispatch them might make you uncomfortable. It's all a matter of personal choice, and while you might not have any reservations about the deaths of some annoying insects, the deaths of rats and mice might not be something that you want to deal with, even though these rats and mice have become invasive pests.

23 August 2017

Why Homeowners Should Never Try to Manage Their Own Pest Control


It can be scary to think that your home is infested with pests, especially if it's gotten to the point where you see those pests scurrying around or can hear them behind walls and under floors. However, it's vital that you face the facts of how dangerous pest infestations can be, as pests bring germs and disease to the home and can also damage its building materials. You should also understand why addressing such an infestation is best left to a professional so you ensure that an infestation, or even just one or two pests that have made it on your property, are taken care of properly.

8 August 2017

Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Pest Management Company


If you are fed up of pests getting into your house and garden, it could be time to think about hiring a pest management company to take care of the problem. There are ways you can manage your pest infestation yourself, but sometimes home systems can be ineffective and also a danger to your pets or children. A pet management company offers a number of ways to rid yourself of pests including humane and organic methods that cause no harm to you or your family.

7 July 2017

On the Watch for Wily Wasps: How to Safely Destroy a Wasps Nest under Your Decking


During winter, the cooler temperatures generally ensure that most wasp nests die off. That's why in the colder months, you'll very rarely see a wasp. However, in Australia, once September arrives bringing with it the warmer spring weather, the wasp queens that hibernated throughout the winter, go on the look-out for nesting sites. If you suspect that there is a wasp nest underneath your decking, you should take steps to remove it before it becomes a danger to you and your family.

21 June 2017

Effective Visual and Noise Tactics That Can Keep Birds Away From Your Farm


If there are animals or pests that show no mercy to food crops, it must be birds. Birds are actually friendly creatures since they feed on insects that destroy crops. But their good motives rarely last; birds can easily feed on your crops just as easily as they feed on insects. And if they are not monitored, birds can render all the effort you have invested in farming useless. So how can you keep them away from your farm?

3 February 2017

Hide and Seek: How to Keep Spiders off Your Clothes Line


It's nice to be able to hang your laundry outside. It comes in sun dried and smelling fresh. However, when using a clothes line, you might find—often to your horror—that you aren't the only one using it. Spiders; especially your web spinning garden spider variety, love spinning their webs somewhere that has both access to flying insects and a comfy hole in which to hide whilst resting. Unfortunately for you, your clothes line provides the perfect location for a web weaver such as a garden spider, and occasionally you may also encounter roamers like white-tailed spiders or wolf spiders.

25 January 2017

Indoor Cricket: How to Kick Noisy Crickets Out of Your Home


The last thing you want to hear just as you are beginning to settle down for the night is the chirp of a cricket reverberating off the walls of your house. Outside, as dusk arrives, the song of the cricket can be a soothing, familiar sound that reminds you that darkness is about to fall. However, the once pleasant trill of the cricket outside in your garden can become an annoyingly incessant bleeping if a cricket has entered your home.

24 October 2016