Spider Pest Control Plans


For the most part, spiders are pretty harmless and don't pose an immediate danger. When they feel threatened, some spider species may bite. The spot on your skin where the spider bites may also become itchy. The real threat comes in when you are bitten by a venomous spider, in which case you will be looking at more severe consequences for your health and well-being. From an expert's point of view, there's quite a bit that you can do as part of your spider pest control plan, including (but not limited to) the following:

22 January 2019

Do You Have A Termite Infestation in Your Home? 4 Signs to Watch Out For


Termites are some of the most destructive pests you can ever deal with in your home. What makes them quite dangerous is that they are quiet and eat wood structures from the inside out, which means it's not always easy to detect the infestation and you may only notice you have a termite problem when the damage has already been done. Fortunately, with a few tips, you can spot a termite infestation before extensive damage is done to the wooden structures and items in your home so that you plan for termite inspection as soon as possible.

24 May 2018

3 Things You Should Know to Keep Spiders at Bay in Your Home


Many people suffer from arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. While not all spider species in the home are dangerous, some people just find them creepy to encounter, and they can be bothersome, especially when they're many. A little-known fact is that spiders actually help with insect control in the home, and so Daddy Long Legs (the spider species with extremely long legs) can be a good ally to have in the home if flies and mosquitoes are a bother.

8 February 2018

Essential Commercial Pest Control Tips


Whether you are in a retail environment, hospitality field, a traditional office or a food service company, pests are unwelcome guests that can prevent or shut down the company operations. Listed below are some pest control tips you can rely on. Door sweeps In most cases, property managers think that pests come via cracks on the foundation or walls. However, doors are easy pest entry points too. You can use door sweeps to keep pests out of the facility.

3 January 2018

Stop Fruit Flies from Being Perpetual Uninvited Guests during the Holidays


During the numerous festivities that happen in the holiday season, fruit flies are one of the most prevalent intruders that you would have to contend with. From enticing food displays to numerous sweet drinks available, fruit flies can quickly become a menace in your home and ruin your hosting activities. Here are some tips to stopping fruit flies from becoming perpetual uninvited guests during the holidays. Rigorous trash elimination With all the waste produced during the holiday season, this is not the time to become lax with your garbage disposal measures.

30 November 2017

Not Just a Kitchen Problem: Places to Look for Cockroaches


Of all the pests that might infest a home or business premises, cockroaches are probably the most notorious. Although they're small, they can be large in numbers, causing tremendous hygiene issues and causing dread in anyone who suspects their presence. Most of the time, people think of cockroach infestations as being concentrated in kitchens and other food preparation areas. One reason for this is that, for obvious reasons, the cockroaches will have a handy supply of food.

25 October 2017

Understanding How Termites Can Destory a Home Will Push You Towards a Pre-Purchase Property Inspection


Termites can cause immense damage, and yet that damage isn't always as evident as you might imagine. It's perfectly possible for a homeowner to put their property on the market without even realising that termites are present, and it's equally easy for prospective buyers to view the place, make an offer, and get the keys without becoming aware of their unwanted guests. Unfortunately, the damage done by termites will become noticeable eventually.

17 October 2017